Monday, July 27, 2009

Rough life

So yesterday, a friend of mine, called me up and asked if i wanted to round up some of my friends and go on this big big boat. I of course said yes.
it took us about 2 hours to get all together, but when we did, what an amazing adventure we set out on. we headed for horn island, met up with some friends,
went to the south side of the island, which you can see int he back ground of this picture, and had a picnic on the boat, then swam into the island, searched for neat debris, and shells and things, headed back and raced another big big boat in to the shore. We totally kicked their butts!!!!

all sunburned, and tired, we went to the yacht club to have a drink before heading home, and while we were in there, a wild storm blew in. It was so beautiful, and i was so happy that i was under cover. we watched the bridge disappear and the lightning pop.

after such an amazing day, i slept so well. I woke up sunburned, rested and tired all at the same time, which i think is another way to say happy!

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