Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Christmas Season Began with a Party!

I have been practically ignoring this Christmas Season. I hadn't really gotten presents, but I had been thinking of them. I only completed a few knitting projects, and I haven't made a tree or anything.

On Monday evening, I was forced to acknowledge it, because by way of James, I had a Christmas party to go to. The Government Street Grocery is one of my favorite restaurant and bars in town, and James got an invite to their celebration. We both got all gussied up, and headed for the party.

There were about 30 of my favorite locals, and a huge spread of food, as well as a seemingly unlimited supply of drinks. There was poetry read, The Night Before Christmas recited, good music and good discussion. The food was delicious, there was even shrimp mashed potatoes, which were amazing!

Below are pictures of the night.

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