Thursday, December 31, 2009

Knitting Adventures

Oh, this was a knitting fall and winter. I am still finishing up christmas presents... but here is what I have done so far.

My roommate Jeff is modeling the hat I made for my friend Dan.

The fingerless gloves I made for my Momma's birthday. This was my first time making a thumb hole, and my first try with cables.

One of my friends Kathy saw the Koozie and scarf I made for my momma last year for christmas, and liked them. Her boyfriend asked me to make her a set for her christmas present.

Here is the scarf I made for Kathy.

A hat I made for Seth, an office mate. We had a secret santa party, but we all had to make our gifts. It was either knitting or baking.

Every Wednesday night, I meet up with three ladies for beers and talk, usually on a front porch. James calls it the Hen House. These women have become my dear friends. I figured that they needed some help keeping their beers cool (or as of lately their hands warm) and so I knitted up some koozies for them as well. Next I need to make mine.

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