Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hair Styles i like

I have been working really hard to grow my hair out for about a year. I have resisted all of the urges to take my pocket knife and cut it all off in some messy mop. I love short hair because it is super easy, and it looks so good with very little work.

At the same time...I love being able to pull my hair up into a pony tail, I love that I can finally put it into a bun, and wear braids if I want. I love that my hair falls under my scarf when i wrap it around my neck.

So my hair, just below my shoulders is healthy and even looking and it is time to start having fun with it. I originally created this post to show my friend who cuts my hair what I am thinking about. I figured I would go ahead and share this with everyone!


bunnypancake said...

Great styles. I've been desperately trying to grow mine out. I've only got about three inches of length right now. Good luck growing it out.


Casie said...

I like the top three the best. You could definitely pull those off.