Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Adventures in Typewriter land

So, Today i had to fill out this form....On the typewriter.
I wish someone could have video taped it. It would have been the funniest thing to hit you tube since the kid who thought he was luke well maybe not, but it would have been funny

so i sat down at that thing
and i put the paper in facing up. (this is not the right direction)
i rolled it in, and my paper got crinkled. I forgot to open the paper holder downer thingy.
well, my paper was in upside down, and wrong side up.
so, i had to start over
i finally got it in there, and i tried to type, nothing happend

I realized i had to turn the thing on.
so i pushed this button that was right by the on light thing, and nothing happened.
I looked around on the machine, and finally found the power switch.
turned it.
nothing happened
i looked on the ground and realized i had to plug it in.

so i finally got the machine turned on, and my paper in there, and i realized, i had no clue where the letters were going to hit, so i typed it, and it was way too high, i moved it down, and finally got it
i do have to say.... this was the first time i have used a type writer since i was a little girl playing on my moms typewriter when elementary school was out.
So it had been a long time.
but. i wish there were a video camera around. it would have been great.

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