Sunday, September 03, 2006

A weekend in atlanta

Friday, i took the day off to work in the print shop. I made some more shot gun shirts in mens sizes!!!! they are getting shot tomorrow.
I also made some business cards. So if you want one, let me know... i think i got a little carried away and made like 2000.

Things i am gonna do come my first break in november and get to go to the print shop
..... Make suprise christmas present. that is the only hint my friends get...
make new note cards.. ones that are not thank you cards
make new bbq shirt.... this one i might do sooner
make the i love cartouches shirt.

Any way... i am in atlanta right now. sittin on a balcony on North Avenue. It is nice..
I went to ikea yesterday for the first time. AMAZING.
i could spend so much money in there. ehhhh... i got a teapot.

Gabby took me to falinis and bought me lunch... which has turned out to be dinner and breakfast.. and probably lunch today.

so. thats about it.

Things i am looking at
MIT's Physical Language Workshop

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