Tuesday, September 05, 2006

GIS and Allergies

Well, I made it back to Starkville at 11:30 last night. I did not want to leave, but it also feels good to be surrounded by all of my stuff. I was so sleepy last night, because i am getting attacked by ragweed pollen, and because it was getting late and i was starting to dose off, and swerve. I pulled over at a gas station to take a 15 minute nap, up close to the door. I asked the attendant to keep an eye on my car. She said i could not stay there, because her parking lot was small. It was 10:30!!!! what the crap. and it was empty, and i was swerving off the road. She told me i could go to the gas station down the road, but they were already closed. What a mean lady!!! I know she was probably following orders, but i was falling asleep at the wheel with no safe place to stop. I could have killed my self and people around me.

Thankfully my mom called, and i talked ot her for 30 minutes. Ahhh...... So ... I am still alive.

Today, I am learning how to use ArchGIS. Yippy....

I am also sending out some orders for tshirts I printed.
Well... that is about all i am doing today.... The new Small Town Center website will be up soon. That way you guys can actually see where i work and what i do. Ha Ha... It has been a mystery to you up until now.... I am sorry.

I am not really looking at too much right this second. I did look for Madea's Treehouse project, but i could not find it.

Oh well....
I might post more later

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