Friday, November 23, 2007

The day after thanksgiving things i am thankful list

So, i know in one of my last posts i said i would make a extra special thanksgiving, things i am thankful for list. Well I was busy, so i will do it today.

I am thankful that it is getting cold outside, for the 3 turkeys i got to nibble off of yesterday, for Mary Poppins, for getting to see three of the people i love the most this week, Gabby, Abby and Dan.

I am thankful for getting to make 2 stupid short movies in Jackson, for grass angels, that the Jackson Museum of Art (or what ever they call that thing) has free admission, for Rainbow Supermarket, and for indian food. I am thankful that gas is still affordable, so i am able to go on adventures.

I am thankful that i have a really good friend on the coast. I am thankful for the camping trip, the shooting star, smores, conan, for ultimate frisbee, bad movies, for pomegranates, boiled peanuts, trips to alabama, and our trip to New Orleans. I am thankful for our study sessions, for watching judo, for watching the red sox win, James Bond and Midlake. I am thankful most of all that you are my friend.

I am thankful for the chicken shit contests. I am thankful for all of my neighbors, even though they might wake me up at 3 am singing at the top of their lungs (travis!). I am thankful that you tease me about not getting kissed in a long time, and that you have taught me to play pool. I am thankful that you will come running if something scares me, and that y'all root for auburn, even though you dont really care for them. War Eagle! I am thankful for my roast chicken crisps!

I am thankful for Sam in his desire to make his house perfect for when his wife gets out of the hospital. I am thankful for James for knowing what he wanted, and not being timid about making design decisions. I am thankful for Terry for not letting anybody tell him anything he did not want to hear. I am thankful for Mark, and that he is still trying, even though it seems like it is useless sometimes. I am thankful for Patience. I am thankful for Myra, for becoming such a good friend as well a fun client.

I am thankful that even though i was not able to see any of them, my family is healthy and for the most part all happy and in good places. I am thankful that my brother and his wife are having a little potato next month, who i cannot wait to meet. I am thankful that my other brother and his wife are trying to make a potato. I am thankful that my dad is healthy. I am thankful that my mom is healthy and that we are such good friends. I am thankful that i have family!

I am thankful for long baths in the morning, that my foot doesnt hurt too bad when i run, that i can take deloris on bike rides, even though i get scraped up some times. I am thankful that there are sweet potatoes, and greens, and pecan pies. I am thankful that daylight savings time has ended, and I am still thankful for that bridge.

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