Thursday, November 29, 2007

Its a busy week for sure, and i want to take a bath!

The day before yesterday, my mom surprised me with a trip to New York City! Ahhh... Well, i kind of knew that it was a possibility, but i did not know for sure that i was going until day before yesterday! Obviously I am really looking forward to spending a few days in a big city with my momma! I leave in 2 days!

I will be getting there a day early, and i will be staying with a friend of a friend. I have met this man before, once, and he seemed like a fun person. I have since heard a lot about him, which makes me both more excited and a little nervous.

This is the guy i am staying with: Gio Gaynor, Batman Underpants, and Broken Hearts
I am actually not nervous at all. I am super excited. He reminds me of my friend Dan. Which means that there is probably some kind of trouble we are going to get into.

I talked to him on the phone last night to get his address. It was super awkward, in a very funny way. This should not be surprising, because i am pretty awkward in almost every way.

On another note... I want to take a shower. I would also like to wash my dishes, which are beginning to pile up. I can do neither, because i do not have a working hot water heater. I have not had one all week. The repair men came yesterday( they were supposed to come the day before) and they took this big piece of metal with pipes coming out of it, out of my hot water heater and told me that they would hopefully have it today, and to have a nice afternoon. I was sad, because that was a bunch of stuff to take out of a water heater it seemed, and i want to take a bath!!!! I took a shower at my neighbor's house yesterday, today i am going to skip it. hopefully i will have a water heater tonight. *tear running down my face*

alright, well in other news.... I am taking the shrimp house to permit tomorrow! that is pretty exciting. I also have two more houses in the line up, but i will write more about those in other posts, i was just giving you a heads up!

Off to take deloris on a bike ride!!!

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