Sunday, November 18, 2007

A House, 2 races, 2 movies, and camping!

This is going to be a real quick overview of the last few weeks, because i have pretty much sucked at documenting my life lately.

First and the coolest: Myra's house is out of the ground!!!
It was a blitz framing with hope force, hands on, habitat for humanity north virgina, and the center. It went up so quick, in only 2 days it went from just the floor decking to having a roof, windows and doors. It was a good 2 days and it was super neat to see myra's kids in their new rooms for the first time. Tyrique, her youngest son who is about 2 (he was born just before the hurricane i believe) his eyes got so big. I dont think he knew what to think at first, when he came up to the house with all of the hammers going, but when he found out that he was standing in his new room, he got this big smile on his face. Frederick, her oldest son even got to pitch in a little by helping to pick up some of the building trash after day 1.

The next big thing happening is that i have run in 2 5K races over the past 2 weeks. The first was the Scottish festival north of Gulfport. That one was fun, because it was my first race since junior high. I used to really suck at running then. Now i kind of like it, and i am doing well. I came in 3rd in my age group, and no, there were more than three of us running.

The one i ran yesterday, The Biloxi Mayor's Cup, well it about killed me for some unknown reason. I still feel a bit drained. I may still be fighting this cold a little. But i did manage to cut about a minute and a half off of my time (no trophy this time). I have one more next weekend at Stennis Space Center then i have a week off in my racing.

I also went camping for an evening last weekend which was most enjoyable. I managed to con a friend of mine into meeting me there. It was a super enjoyable night, including a shooting star and s'mores.

This past week was good for movies as well. I watched Mary Poppins for the first time in years, and if you haven't seen it in years, you should revisit it as well. I even went so far as downloading the sound track from I tunes. Highly recommended!!!!
I also watched the Casino Royale, my first bond movie i believe (this may be inaccurate, but i dont recall specifically watching another one, it could have happened and i could just not remember it was a bond movie) This was a fun movie to watch.

I guess those are the highlights, for now. I might give you some more later if i feel like it.

Well, i promise to have a big thanksgiving things i am thankful for list later this week!

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