Tuesday, November 20, 2007

James's Porch

Yes, i am partially responsible for this. I got this assignment, that started out like most other projects.... Design a porch for James's house. His home was moved to this site, and had to be turned sideways to fit on the site....so his house needed a new front. I made a simple gable roof coming off of the front, making a nice little porch.
well that did not sit well with James. He needed something funky, much like his awesome wardrobe. So, he drew me a picture in Microsoft Paint of what he wanted. I was at first not sure if he had gotten the perspective wrong, but no... he wanted a porch roof to go up higher than the roof of his house.
He had a vision, and no one was going to stop him. He needed help on how to build it.
So, I drew him up step by step construction instructions, and here it is!!!

I will post his drawings soon!

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