Monday, January 21, 2008

All in the same boat!!!

We may have sailed in different ships, but we are all in the same boat now! - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Well, it is Dr Martin Luther King Jr. day, and in Biloxi, that is a big deal. Everyone.... I mean Everyone in East Biloxi comes out to throw down and celebrate that amazing man, and what he has given our country.

It was a pretty amazing day. I rode my bike into work, checked on one thing, got another, and then headed off to the Parade. I was pretty excited that i was asked to be in the parade with Hands On (even if my roomie,Kendall, was the one to invite me) . They do so much to help the community, in both their building projects, but also their community outreach projects. They rock! And to add to it, Not only was i helping to represent a pretty awesome organization, but i also got my first Hands On Tshirt... but even better, i got one with a bad ass stencil of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that was made by my roomie Anne! Oh.. and i cannot forget to mention that as we were parading down main street, The sweet lady from D'Vines (the best soul food restaurant in Biloxi) came out and gave us some fried chicken, and it was amazing.

During the parade i got a call from Dan, the guy managing construction at the shrimp house, and there was a bit of an emergency. They were getting ready to dig, and they realized that the soil was pretty soft. After the parade, i went over there to check it out, and man... it is super soft (we dont generally get soil tests here in Biloxi) so we decided to to use piles... which means i am about to have to redraw those drawings in a second, so they are ready in the morning to take to the permit office, first thing to get them approved.

So, after i took care of that little emergency, i rode my bike over to Judge-Sekul Street to help Anne, my other roomie paint a mural. It turned out super awesome. I will post pictures. It is not completely done, but, we got pretty far on it. It was fun to do that....Anne was pretty good about taking the inhabition out of what i was doing. It was nice.

After that, i tried to catch the Soul Patrol, a dance team here in Biloxi, but they had already finished so i rode my bike home.

So i need to wash the dishes, and cook some dinner, i just needed to give my legs a break from riding over that bridge, because it kinda hurt.

On the docket for tonight: finish 2 drawings for work, and maybe sit around a camp fire and drink beer. Yeah... i think that sounds about perfect.

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day again!!!!

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