Friday, January 18, 2008

One Stop Shop for Fun

I have lived in the Wisteria Estates for 18 days now, and it has been amazing! My two roommates are so much fun, and have kept me laughing and smiling the entire time.

First i would like to introduce you to them:

This is Anne:
She is from Chicago, and she currently works at the George Ohr Museum teaching art to kids, and she teaches art to Adolescence Offenders. She is probably one of the happiest people i have ever met, and super hard working(like non stop). She also does not like the Patriots, she likes the Cubs, or the underdogs. She played me the wagon wheel song this morning, which made me super happy!

This is Kendall:
Kendall is a case worker at Hands On, and is one of the many people i know from Boston. She does like the Patriots, and the Red Sox. She talks real fast, and is super funny. She is really thoughtful, and is always ready to cheer someone up. She likes to do the supa-man dance, and has brought back the word "Killer", meaning 'cool'.

So... Wisteria Estates = One Stop Shop for Fun...

Our first party: the Wisteria Estates Warming/ First Monthly Crawfish Boil

Our First Breakfast, we have had 4 of these now....
This might be our second breakfast...

Our first Dinner Party:

So yeah, we have had 6 overnight guests, 1 dinner party, 1 family dinner, 4 or so family breakfasts, and 1 crawfish boil. in 17 days... i think we are off to a good start.

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Ralph said...

You had a crawfish boil and didn't invite me!? I can't believe it!

(Looks like you are enjoying the new digs. Glad to know it. See you around)