Friday, January 18, 2008

Hogs Head Cheese and a Great Bike Ride

Last night at Sweets was a really weird conversation happening. There was a group of some of my regulars, aka the round table group (the table is rectangular, they just buy rounds for each other)
anyway, they were talking about who made the best hogs head cheese in the mississippi gulf coast. This might not sound important to you, but i thought it was pretty awesome.... a bunch of folks arguing about some nasty ass food and they were comparing people way back to the 1940's. It was pretty incredible.

The other new worthy note is that today i broke the law. I rode my bike to work, which means i rode over the Biloxi Bay Bridge, and that is illegal, but i did it anyways. To quote Brandon, the construction manager here at my office, if we didnt break some of those rules
Picture from mojai1

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