Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wow...I am glad it was my birthday yesterday

So, yesterday was a great day. Not only did i turn 26, but everyone seemed happy about it. Just kidding, i am not that much of an asshole. Basically, i celebrated my birthday really well yesterday.
I went to lunch with my office mates at Kim Longs, and worked my booty off. i got a lot done yesterday at work and it was a great birthday present to my self.

I ran home to feed miss deloris, then i headed to the project lounge to meet up with Caitlyn. I ate one their famous "best burger on the coast" burgers and the bartender made me a carrot cake shot. One of the folks from sweets came in and he also bought me a beer. Off to a good start i say.

After i filled my belly, Caitlyn and I headed off to watch the lady Liberty basketball game, coached by my awesome roommates. They lost, but they did score a point. That kind of sounds sarcastic i know, but it is not meant to be. The other team was like a foot taller on average, and had a lot more experience playing i think.

I ran home to put on my birthday dress, then headed for the grocery. I walked in, and there were so many of my friends there. It was awesome... and even better, my bad ass roomies made me a pretty freakin awesome card.

I was also given a bunch of tatoos by my friends.. and a few more beers and maybe a few more shots. Basically, it was a wonderful day.

My awesome Roomies with their awesome shirts and who were responsible for making me an awesome card

Trinh, me, Vince, Sarah, and Mark

Chris, Me, Caitlyn, and another Chris!

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