Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good Job Obama... Now what?

Ok, so, i like Obama, a whole lot! I also like Hillary a whole lot... I have really been hating these debates.. they are so jerry springer like. That was just to put it on the record. I would also like to put it on the record that i hope John Edwards becomes the democratic running mate. Enough of my political opinions!!!

Now for some social opinions: what i am writing this about is the $19 Million that Obama raised in January. So Congrats! I think it would be awesome if you became president... but, $19 million in one month! that is crazy! that is a lot of money! I understand you have like...8 more months of campaigning, if you get the nomination, and that is expensive... real expensive. But how much money do you need to win? ok, say you get $10 Million a month from here on out, and maybe a little more that last month before elections. Do you really need all of that money to tell the world how great you are? I am pretty sure everyone is getting the picture. I am not asking in any way, shape or form that you stop campaigning. I am just thinking that it would be a freaking awesome move in your campaign to donate some of that money, to something that really really needs it, not that this country doesn't really really need you... but that is a lot of money. do you know what $19 million could do here in Biloxi?

alright, well, i hope you win, and i hope you funnel some money down to the coast if you have any left over! That is all i am asking.

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bradley said...

Okay do you have any idea of how campaign finances work? Don't you think people would be a little bit angry if they gave money to an election campaign and then they gave away the money to "something that really really needs it" Who do you, queen of campaign finance, think is truly deserving? Hungry orphaned puppies with AIDS? I found your blog while looking for someone who had reviewed the Project Lounge's burger, and I saw the 2 year old post with your finance suggestions, found it absolutely hilarious only to be later horrified that it is not satire. The fact that someone who was completely sleeping during Civics, Economics and History classes can operate a computer is dumbfounding to me.