Sunday, November 29, 2009

Syrup Soppin

Saturday morning we got up, and met Abby and Gabby for breakfast at one of the many Waffle House's in Auburn, then headed for some shopping: World Market, Reinvent, Gnu's Room, Gus's Wine Shop, the Guitar Shop.

After we felt that we had spent enough money, we went to the Padgett family farm for the Annual Syrup Soppin. We walked around the dead car graveyard, and around the property, and watched the Padgett men make the syrup, and then the women bottling. We watched several folks play music on the porch. We stood around and talked and of course we ate... Brunswick stew, sausage balls, grilled meat, and many sweets. We brought the Jessie James Outlaw Cheesecake, and it was a hit.

It was a really slow and relaxing time, a wonderful way to end the thanksgiving holiday!

Below are a bunch of pictures of the afternoon!

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bunnypancake said...

Beautiful photos. I really love your eye for things.