Saturday, June 02, 2007

A pretty awesome day and a kind of weak evening

I had a really enjoyable day today. After staying at sweets last night late because of the tiny crowd we had, i got only 5 hours of sleep, which usually , for me, would have meant a long and hard day to come. But, i got up at 7 because deloris woke me up, and started off strong. I went grocery shopping, and began to prepare for my house sitter, and then went to biloxi to work at miss ethels house.
I sanded putty on the window trim. This may sound like a very uninteresting job, and it got a little repetitive, but at the same time it was really enjoyable. I like that kind of work every once in a while. It gave me a chance to focus zenlikely(is this a word) on one task. It was a task that did not need a lot of thinking but yet needed a lot of attention. Along with the crew at Miss Ethel's, i went to La Bakery for lunch and got a Xa Xiu Poboy. It was the first time i have had that one, and it was not bad. I still think that the Thit Nuong is better, but that was a nice break from my normal. I did have to stay some what regular with my bubble tea selection... Avocado and Almond, with bubbles, skim milk, half the sugar, and no whipped cream. It is one of my favorite things to eat.

After lunch, i went back to miss Ethel's house and worked for a while, but when the rest of the crew was ready to knock off, i had to leave too. I went to the community gardens and checked on my plot. I harvested a bunch of tomatoes and a few beets. The gardens have been having a difficult time finding people to sign up for watering days, so i decided to go ahead and water the entire garden. Also a zenlike activity. I will post some pictures of the gardens and maybe miss ethels soon.

When i got home, i was understandably a bit sleepy. So i took a nap, and deloris took a nap on the floor next to me. When i woke up, i realzed my phone was not working. I have one of those blackberry pearl things, and i have to say that it is the biggest piece of crap i have ever had. Maybe i just got a lemon, because my mom has the same phone, and hers is working perfectly. Anyway, I tried taking out the battery and the sim card, and it didnt work, the only thing that happened was a little red light came on and my flash for my camera came on and stayed on.

I had to go to sweets to call tmoblie. They are sending me a new phone, so i guess all is well, except i dont have a phone for a few days and that means i dont have internet at my house for a few days. That being said, i am at Hands on right now checking my email. I came to biloxi tonight to go to the "Try to get tim avicted party" and it was kind of lame. It was not the normal awesome Hands On crowd, but a whole bunch of people no one knew. There was even a fight, which, outside of sweets, is not really alright with me. So i left and came here to check my internet presence.

Well that is about it. Off to the Ocean Springs.
Night Night.

Right now i am not listening to anything because i am at hands on, and it is lights out already, unless you consider the guy next to me who keeps blowing his nose in the air something i am listening to. But i am trying my best not to listen. Any way. Good night, and i will have a phone monday!

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James said...

why were they having a "get tim evicted party"?