Tuesday, June 12, 2007


One of my friends showed me this today... and i just wanted to share with everyone i know that the pentagon thinks that a way to destroy an enemy military is to turn them all gay, and that even turning an entire military gay would be possible. My real question is this.... what happens to the people who are already gay? Huh? Can people get gayer? Do they turn Straight? What's up with this? And if the Pentagon thinks that being gay is a downfall of society, will they just leave all of those enemy soldiers gay? or do they have a way to return the enemy combatants straight again? Wait! this just hit me. Maybe the Pentagon has figured out a way to fix all of 'the Gays' in america. Yes! we can all sleep sounder knowing that our neighbor will not be gay any more. GIVE ME A F"N BREAK! Our government is so messed up some times. I cant believe that the Pentagon felt safe suggesting that this was a possibility. Or, that someone who was gay, was not as good of a soldier as someone who was not and that this was even a way to defeat an enemy. Ok.. i am going to stop because i am getting even more agitated.


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