Friday, June 29, 2007

Workin at the Park

Yesterday, I was able to get out of the office for the day and work on the roof of the porch of the red house at John Henry Beck Park. (sorry for the long sentence) It came at a much needed time, because i was getting pretty fed up with the work on Myra's house yesterday. It was nice to be able to step away from it for a second.
That is Jody and I above putting on the fascia board. She is a real pro! I am glad i am getting out into the field a little more. I am learning so much about building.

This is the Red house from the community gardens.

I finally got a picture of Jason!

I think this is the most American picture I have ever taken. The ladies of the office were definitely kicking ass on that roof! Jason rocked it too!

I have to say that, i am learning so much down here. It is really great that i get to work in the office, and design houses and stuff... and then go out into the field and construct the stuff. I went to rural studio, but that was before i had real experience(even though i just have a little now) with making buildings. Which is the glory of rural studio, but i am learning how to make buildings for real. it is pretty awesome. The construction aspect is really teaching me a lot. Especially since i am drawing similar things when i am in the office.

Well, back to work...Today, i am going to take another few good stabs at Myra's roof, then work on the park's master planning a little. There have been so many minds on the park project, that it has gotten a little rowdy, so James and I are going to try to bring it back together.

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