Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I have made a mess of myra's house!!!

So, I have made a big mess of Myra's house. Pretty late in the game of working on the drawings(about to finish construction docs) realized that the ceiling in the living room was unacceptable at a 17' height. This may sound obvious,but i have just been overlooking the fact.
Below is a working drawing of the section....with the17' ceiling. Now, it looks alright, but i think that it would be cavernous.

Below is a drawing of me working out a lower ceiling, more around 14'. But in doing so, the house has become a bit lopsided. some might say... i like asymmetrical things...but this just looks plain unintentional, because, it was. it looks sloppy. So, i am trying to work through this, and cover up my mess up. I know that the below image is reversed from that above, but that is because i am starting to work on the back elevation, which, is probably the most critical one. (besides the fact that on the front elevation you will be able to notice that the roof slopes are just a bit off from each other, which also looks completely sloppy.)

below is what the back of myra's house was going to look like. it looked so much better.

I feel as though i am failing her a little. I will get it back to some kind of goodness, but not the simple goodness that was before. ahhhh aggrivation. and it is all my fault. Well, at least i will have a puzzle to work on for the rest of the week. Then i have to spend the next week getting the construction documents back to where it should be. Oh, sad day! It will be a happy day for me when i resolve this mess! Messy Jessie strikes again!

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