Thursday, June 07, 2007

My garden!

Well, i have a plot in the Clara Watson community gardens in the John Henry Beck Park in Biloxi, i think i have mentioned it earlier, but i have a bunch of stuff planted and growing right now. It looks a little whimpy right now, but it is young. I am sure it will be jungle in no time.
i have eggplant, tomatoes, peppers,onions, carrots, beets, squash, cucumbers, peas, greens and okra growing in there right now. I am going to be eating well this summer. Weeeeeeeeeee.....

I have been trying to plan out my vacation this summer. It is kind of hard. I dont want to take too long off of work, but i want to go to a few different places, oh yeah, i dont have enough money to go all out while i am on vacation. I think i am going to drive to atlanta, fly to NYC, go to PS1, take a bus to Boston, and fly back to atlanta. then drive back to Ocean Springs. that way i get to see friends in 3 different cities which will be nice. I also have the option to just go to auburn and atlanta, but i really want to get out of the south for a little while. Oh well... we will see what happens.

well, i have to get back to work.

Right now listening to KEXP! i love that station!

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