Friday, August 10, 2007

Captains log of good things during the past week

So i am going to try to write an end of the week review of only the good things that have happened.
1) even though i knwo it was exactly a week ago, but i found out that i have a little niece on the way.... glorious
2) I got my clothes line up and working again, and i have actually used it quite a bit. I have done a few loads of laundry, and i have taken pictures of my baby shirts.
3) I got my pictures of my baby shirts loaded on and i have actually sold a few, already
4) I watched deloris eat t-rex
5) I almost beat travis at pool last night
6) my house is impeccably clean.
7) I have heard from several old friends
8) i was given some flounder
9) I cooked some flounder
10) i ate 2 meals of flounder
11) I had avacado bubble tea at lunch today
12) I finished harry potter(bitter sweet,but i guess still good)
13) I have revamped my website
14) got to go to a beach party with a bon fire
15) we are half way to building the white picket fence (more info)
16) My dad sent me the recipe for his pancakes, which are the best in the whole world.
17) There is a Kangaroo jumping around Bay St. Louis
18) I am going to see Two Gallants tomorrow night in New Orleans
19) My house is very very very clean
20) my landlord is finally getting rid of the squirrels running around in my attic and walls
21) Deloris is not going to be scratching at the walls any more trying to get to the squirrels in the walls.
22) i painted my toe nails.
23) My Darondo CD came in! he is bad ass.
24) I have finished the graham street house
25) Deloris is getting good at heeling, and sitting, and laying down. I am trying to teach her to shake...and she seems really confused... which is really cute.
26) I hung out with a friend on Monday Night and had good discussions about life.
27) the article about zenorschnitzel was not published this week, but will be next week, because they have decided to run it in color.
28) I found a neat chair on the side of the road.

Things i am looking forward to in the next week:
1) Packaging tshirts to ship out
2) working on my webpage some more
3) finishing myra's house... again(probably tomorrow or sunday)
4) riding to New Orleans with a friend and seeing two gallants, and against me in New Orleans.
5) working on my next tshirt
6) working on a secret project that i should have done a year ago. sorry SOA?!?!
7) working on again.
8) making something tasty
9) sending out postcards to buddies
10) altering a chair or two that i found.

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