Tuesday, August 14, 2007

soccer and a few videos everyone should check out!

Last night, i played soccer with a bunch of my buddies from hands on. I am not that good, but man it was so much fun... and now i am a little sore. I hope to play every monday. also starting next week, i am going to start playing ultimate frisbee. with the hands on crew. i have never played that, but it is every tuesday, so i will see if i can get my monday and tuesday nights off every week so i can participate in some activities that will make me sweat, and get out a bunch of energy.

also, a friend of mine has a friend that makes these great videos. (i know how dorky that sounds) the maker of these videos visited sweets lounge a few months ago... here he is, his name is Gio, and as i recall, he was a very nice man:
I dont remember his lady friend's name... sorry?!?! but she was really nice as well, and wearing a great dress with this awesome cut out ring... you can see it on the hand holding the corona.

anyway... he and a few of his friends are making a series of videos called "whats the big idea?"
Every week, the group of short movie makers(that is not referring to their height but to the length of their movies) takes suggestions from their viewers for the subject of their film. they are doing this for a year.....to learn more about the premis of this series go here:


alright so here are a few of my favorites that i have wached so far:

Big Idea #19: Batman, Underpants, and Broken Hearts
This is probably my favorite one i have watched so far. It is so sad. but very well thought out.

Big Idea #14: Spam Poetry
(Featuring my friend Will) This is the funniest idea ever. and also very well executed.

The Great Race
This is the newest of the "whats the big idea" series, and it is pretty hilarious as well.

alright... enjoy!
I will be putting a link to their website on my website this week.... so if you loose this post, just remember you can go to my website and find the glory again.

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