Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I am at a loss

I just woke up, and i am doing things out of my normal order. I will see what happens... But ultimately, the biggest change is that i am not sitting on my couch reading Harry Potter.( i promise this is my last post about harry potter until i see the movies) I feel a bit strange. All of my free time has been revolving around HP, and although this is good, because it is getting me back into the habit of reading, my life also has an air of shock around it from being cut of from something that was occupying my life so much, almost like breaking up with a boyfriend or something. but it is not as negative as that. I dont know....
So, i have two books in the line up... One is the dog whisperer book(because i have to get my dominating little pooch under control) and the other is Dr. Gilbert mason's book. I also have a stack of magazines from this month and last that have just been piling up lately. So, what i think i will do, is go walk my little pup, and then sit and read my dog book. Then go to work. I like that i have time to read... ah.
thanks harry potter, and good bye.

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