Saturday, August 04, 2007

Deloris vs. T-Rex

i had the night off from sweets, which is probably my first Friday night off. It was Eddie's birthday, so they had this big cook out for him last night. Those cook outs at Eddie's House are always a lot of fun. I get to see a lot of people, and it is relaxing, and pleasant.... Thank you Eddie, Sue, and Amy for having a cook out, and a great gathering spot! Well... That is not what i really wanted to blog about at the moment.

Deloris, my sweet little angel puppy, got a nice present yesterday! I went and got her a few toys, one being a T-Rex toy. Besides being suprised that they had a T-Rex toy for dogs instead of the normal fire hydrant or cat, i was pretty excited about it, because, most people who know me, know i like dinosaurs. I get dinosaur toys and books for nephew and neice every gift giving occasion. So now i got to give one to Deloris. I think she liked it as well. Here is the proof:

Victory is Deloris's!!!!

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