Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Harry Potter has a hold on me! And a lot of people heart Biloxi

The new I heart Biloxi shirts are selling really quickly! Thanks everyone... I might have to get a reprint soon! Biloxi Hearts all of you as well! We might be able to start on the first project next weekend if it keeps going like this! You all are awesome! and I am running out of Stamps! but that is a problem i am happy with!

I am still feeling the happy affects of seeing my friends and i have learned that i need to do that more often.

Harry Potter has got a hold of me once more. I am on the 6th book right now, and in my usual Harry Potter style, it will not last me more than a week. Hell, it might not make it past tonight.

I have very happy memories of these books in general.... The first four held my attention every morning and evening for about 2 or 3 weeks on the front porch of the Morrisette House in Greensboro Alabama when i was a second year student.

The 5th book was given to me by my mom, for thanksgiving or something like that, anyway.... i spent a lot of time sitting on the back porch of her apartment in rocking chairs, and laying on the couch that i grew up on with my nose in the book. That lasted about 3 days.

So, now i am reading the Half-Blood Prince. It is feeling good. I started it in Auburn, on my mom's front porch, and i have been reading pretty religiously here at my house, and at the bar. It feels even better because this is the first book that i will finish since i have been on the coast, which is pretty horrible.

Hopefully between this book and the final book, i will be back in the swing of reading. I have a lot of things to read that are backing up on me.

Oh well, time for me to go take a cold shower (my hot water heater is messed up) sad!

Alright, well, have a good day all who read this!

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