Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh I wish I could be there!

Oh how I wish I could be home right now waiting by my door. Waiting for that UPS package with my 11 lbs of tshirts, oh and some sweet mammoth temporary tattoos!  It has been at least two year since last I made tshirts.  Oh, how I miss it, but you know when you don't exercise those muscles for a long time, you become timid in the reconditioning, and it takes a great will to move those creative juices into motion.

Oh, but they are moving now. I already have a few new shirts I am working on.  I cannot wait to get these out of the box.  I hope they are there at lunch.  Can you tell how on the edge of my seat I am at the moment?

I am planning a trip up to Mammoth Printshop to make some extra special printed materials.  I am excited for that too.  I miss that place more each day! 

By the way, if you ever need t shirts printed, I recommend Mammoth!  They are amazing printers and folks!  VISIT THEM HERE!!!!

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