Friday, July 09, 2010

Its Hot. I love it!

Oh, its summer. It has been here on the gulf coast for a while. I love the hot air, and the bright sun.  It makes you move so slow, unless of course you have a Honda Passport C70 Motorcycle to ride around on! 

James and I are going to be buying the little bike you see me on above, and probably another one.  Yesterday we rode around town on the pair of them.  It was my first time on a motorcycle, and it was so much fun.  And, it gets 100 miles to the gallon!  Such a good and affordable way to travel.

To leave you in the summery mood, here is Sam Cooke's Summer time: 

Enjoy the heat!


Cerrissa said...

:) love the bike!

wishingbee said...

Stumbled upon your blog looking for more info about Honda Passports.

I just saw my first one (blue, like yours!) this weekend on a ferry in WA! I'm now so completely in love.

Congratulations on your lovely new bike!!