Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Resolution My 29th Year!!!!!!

Last year, I had several birthday resolutions, and I will give a recap on those.  This year I only have one, that is to  make one thing every single day.  This is not an average, but a minimum.

I hope my birthday resolution this year will help me really get the Department of Design off the ground, as well and really get my creative juices flowing.  I seem to have so many good ideas, but since I dont make time for making as much as I should, the ideas never come to life.  Creative juices come more from making than they do from thinking.

What are the rules I am setting for my self?  Dinners dont count, but a birthday cake for a friend does.  Building a fence for me doesnt count but building a chicken coop for someone else does. Making my self an article of clothing, if it is a creative endeavor does count!  Although I might start one project a day before it counts for the day I finish it.  If I start a painting on Tuesday, and finish it on Thursday, that painting only counts on Thursday.  I must finish other things on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I will post photos on this blog, and some of these will be for sell on my Etsy site. 

My first resolution project was a tu-tu for my tu-tu birthday party.  Oh so much fun!

Thank you to all the people who made my birthday celebration wonderful!

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