Sunday, January 30, 2011

Camellia Pt1 and Pt2!

So, Camellias are one of my favorite flowers.  They are the state flower of Alabama, and I have fond memories of climbing in my family's huge camellia trees as a little girl.  I love these flowers.
When I saw some flowers in bloom outside my little cottage, I was so excited!  I picked a perfect red camellia.

I brought it in, and started sketching.  I immediately got lost in drawing the petals.  But, I thought I would stick it out, and try to get a pretty painting out of this, and definitely learn something!  Well, I failed at getting anything pretty out of the first try, but I did learn a lot.

So, I tried to paint a camellia again, and this time I selected a pale pink one.  It was not easier, but I was able to make out the different petals a bit more clearly, and so it was more straightforward to draw and paint.  It turned out a lot better.

I will continue painting these flowers until they fade for the season, but I am going to give my self a bit of a break from them for a few days.

Here is an image of the "Angry Camellia" that I am giving to my friend Britton, because he says he likes it, and I don't!


Tish Whalen said...

Jessie, They are beautiful!!! Chip off the ole block. Love you Tish

Jessie Zenor said...

Thank you Tish!
Love you too!