Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forcing creativity -Cranky Wednesday Fail!

On Wednesday, I realized how tough this resolution really is!  It is really really hard for me to  force my brain to calm down and do the task at hand after a day of work, and after the excitement of making my first sale, and after two days of ending the day with painting.

My brain got craAAAanky!  I was not going to do a painting Wednesday night, no matter how much I felt like I needed to.

This told me a few things. One, I need to have some back up plans, some quick projects that I can default to if my brain really isn't wanting to sustain.  Second, I don't have enough time in my day to get the things I want to get done finished, so I need to prioritize, and something needs to give, but not this resolution.  Third and most important, This frustration is the point of this resolution.  It is to get me out of the comfort zone of doing when I feel like it, and into the habit of making and thinking and creating daily!

This weekend, I will make up for my Cranky Wednesday, and I will make multiple things!

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