Monday, August 14, 2006

The day after a lot of accomplishing

Last night, i got home, worn out, but feeling good because of all i had accomplished. I worked for an entire day, with out much interruption(besides gettign kicked out of the all night diner). This is rare. I usually have things to do, or things that come up. But yesterday I was fluid. (this partially has to do that my cell phone died at around 11:00 am.)

I watched one of those detective shows that comes on all the time, and the evening east mississippi news. One thing that caught my eye was the push for a skate park in Columbus, MS.

they do amazing work , and i had really almost forgotten them for a second.

This is a picture of the skate park that they did as an installation 2000. Those guys came and spoke to Rural Studio while i was out there. They are awesome.

well. thats is about it right now. more later

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kate said...

simparch is coming to msu next spring. fyi.