Friday, August 25, 2006

gonna get it done

i am wrapping up a bunch of stuff that i have been working on this week. yippeeeee
the notebooks for the 3 workshops
if i can get the schedules for the other two, but they are all formatted
ordering shirts for next week
entering in all contacts for the workshops
the mississippi house.

well that is pretty much what i am doing. it feels good that i have gotten all of this stuff to where i can finish it today.

plans for this weekend: i am not going home this weekend, but i might be going to oxford ms to see Jake Fussell Play cause he is damn good.
if i go up there i am totally going to square books, and i am going to see if i can find a group of people to go see graceland 2

then i am gonna park it in the not so all night diner that i mentioned earlier and get a ton of work done.
design the i love cartouches shirt
put more stuff on my website
get business cards ready to print
get other stuff ready to print for friday!!
work on the mississippi house
Start Bs' new website

that is about all that is going on todya.
have a great afternoon

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