Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tshirts today

Yesterday afternoon was pretty fun. I dont really know how much real work i got done yesterday afternoon, but i had a good time.
At 11:00 People from the Small Town Center and i went to check out the East Oktibbeha County High School Project. The Small Town Center is working on an outdoor classroom for them. It is going to be a pretty nice project, and i hope the students really enjoy it.

From EOCHS we went to this wonderful little BBQ house called Miah's. That is pronounced Mayas, and it is short for Jeremiah. The lively lady running the place, Wendy, named it after her nephew. Wendy was awesome. You should really go meet her. I bet her husband is as much of a character. I will try to get directions to the place up as soon as i can get them from my co workers. Anyway, there is not really any place to sit there, because according to Wendy, her husband spends too much time fishing. There are four chairs to sit in and that will suit anyone just fine. We all ordered the pulled pork sandwich, fries and a sprite. It was amazing. I give this place 5 stars.

Today, i am working on getting everything ready for next friday.
I have to order shirts
finish I love cartouche shirts
make a plan for friday
update webpage

9:15 am - I have updated my webpage, and created a myspace page for zenorschnitzel. It is kind of stupid right now. i am going to work to make it a bit nicer, but probably not today.

1:49 pm - I have been slower to update my to do blog today. well, i finished making all of the film for my i love cartouches shirts. and i have a good start on Butch's webpage.
It has been a long time since we last updated his page, because it is a complete pain in the ass to update it. so i made this one. So he can update some of it, and i dont have to worry about updating the 127 pages that are in his current website.

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