Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No more Photoshop Collages

I am going to get my hair cut today. I am pretty excited, because it really needs it. And i have been avoiding getting my hair cut in starkville because i haven't known who to go to.
Finally i got a good recomendation that i trust a bit. Tokros.
I will see. Obviously my trust is not too deep.

We have been cleaning out the small town center. it is looking good. I finally have storage for my stuff.

This week, I am working with cliffton on the graphics for the bypass guidelines for Mississippi. It is a pretty cool project. we are getting to make these graphics in a way i have never done before. I have always photoshopped things to hell and back, and this time i am going to be using illustrator mostly. I have to. Cliffton, the graphic designer of the Small Town Center is making me. He says he is tired of the photo shopped collages. So, good for me, because i am learning how to illustrate, and good for cliffton because he doesnt have to see my photoshop collages.

Things to do today.
Come up with a filmstrip of sorts that show what we are going to be illustrating.
Defining exactly what the individual graphics are going to be
defining the way the illustrations will look
Get my hair cut
work on the information for the piccaune your town workshop

after work....
resize images of submissions from unselfconscious alabama
figure out how all of that will go online
update tshirts on shopify
figure out what shirts i need to print
order shirts
buy nephew a birthday present.

10:49 - we have made a pretty detailed outline of what illustrations have to be made. now time to move on to the actual filmstrip and sketching.

1:19 - I have a new head. It looks pretty nice. back to work

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