Monday, August 21, 2006

toga parties are a little weird and outlook is a little overwhelming

So today, i am switching completly to outlook. it is a little weird. I have been using outlook express (because i thought that was all i had on my computer) and that just was not meeting my needs. So i am busy updating all of my addresses and contacts and what not.

As for the toga party, well i went to one saturday night, and it was just plain weird. A bunch of people dressed in sheets standing between two trailers, fights breaking out, big trucks, hunch bunch the temperature of the night, and 3 floated kegs. I wish i could have had video cameras going. but i didnt. Other than that i dont think i really enjoied it all that much.

So, today, i am mailing out a lot of letters, and getting outlook all set up. that is pretty much it

oooohhh.. check this out... see where your last name is ranked

sorry mom, is not in the top 55000 most common names in america

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