Wednesday, August 23, 2006

meal plan menu and to do list

Last night, i held the meal plan again. I have not been good at updating about the meal plan
Last night i served :
My Famous Burgers(formerly lucas's famous burgers) secret recipe
with lettice, tomato, sharp cheddar cheese, jalopenos, onion, and spicey mustard.
Roasted Potatoes with garlic and rosemary.

Upon Request of people at work i made banana breadthis morning.

No meal plan tonight, but tomorrow night it is on.
Tenative Menu:
Grilled Chicken
Lima beans and okra
some dessert. maybe cake or something. i have a lot of bananas. maybe banana pudding. I have my grandma's recipie.

Yesterday was a day of a lot of letter writing and email writing
Today, i have to write 2 more letters
call columbus ms parks and rec
work on skate park proposal
work on the house for the coast

today i am not listening to anything, because i left my head phones at home.
and i am sorry i did not post what i was looking at yesterday
if i get a break i will.

Oh and i almost forgot.... the last thing on my todo list.:
make the new zenorschnitzel limited edition t. (of 24)
i think it is going to be called i love cartouches.

we will see.

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