Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hey! How are you doing

This is about my return to Auburn for the holidays.

Last night, gabby and I went out, as we do on most holidays. It is pretty the same thing every year. It just has gotten to be a bit weird and awkward. Everyone who grew up here comes back, and when they get released from their family functions, they flock to the one or two bars that are open. No need for our 10th year reunion, we have christmas eve eve, christmas eve, and christmas. Maybe we should elect a christmas barhopping organizer, to make everyone nametags, so it can be official.

I heard "Hey! How are you doing?" about 50 times last night. If they remembered my name, it would be Hey, Jessie, How are you doing? where are you these days, are you still in auburn? what are you doing down there? are you married? are you dating anyone?
yeah... outside of the people i was really close with in highschool, it seems like a contest for who is getting their life together the fastest. It is all fine and well, it is just weird, because just a few years ago(well maybe a little more than a few years ago) we were more conserned with scoring a beer, or who would be homecoming queen. It is just weird. I know i am growing up, but it is weird seeing others grow up, and grow up a lot faster. (Kids, Married, strollers...ect)

so, when you go to your next christmas bar hopping in your home town, remember that everyone is gonna ask Hey! How are you doing? try to think of somethin a little more genuine to say if you really care about the person, or show them your lack of care by using the default, Hey How are you doing?

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