Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

My christmas was pretty nice. I think i gave my self the best present of all. I deleted my myspace and face book profiles. Ahh the relief.

It is a relief of not having to check another thing during my day, it is a relief that people, i dont know will stop emailing me in the slowest manner possible. It is the relief of knowing that i dont need to maintain such a site to keep in touch with friends. If anyone who knows me really wants to get in touch with me, they can find me. I am not hard to find. Ahhhh..... the peace.

No myspace and facebook were really not that big of a burden, i just usually got a bit stressed out about it for some reason. And it made me really nosey! i dont need to be in other people's business. I know they put it online, but honestly i was getting nosey, or i dont really care, and i was just wasting time.

So, one step towards simplifying my world.

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