Tuesday, December 05, 2006

getting to know my area, and trying to get warm

well, i am trying to get warm, and i am getting there. i have covered up all of my missing windows, and a friend is comign to help replace those in the next few days. I have gotten a fridge, and a crock pot. I have never had a crock pot but since i dont have a stove so i had to do something. I am not a big fan of it but i am glad i can make soup. It also puts off a lot of heat, so thats nice.

I met all of my neighbors, and they seem pretty nice. Deloris met the magnolia street dog, and they have to play every time i take deloris out. The street dog's name is Halley Barry. She is a Katrina dog. She survived the storme and looks a little like a porcupine.

This weekend i went to the festival downtown biloxi. Everyone kept stopping me to see my Deloris. THey love her.

Today, i spent most of the day working in the St. Louis Building (which is our new office building) I got to hammer in a bunch of nails including my thumb nail. that kind of sucked.
I also got to help raise of walls. It was pretty neat, because i really havnt ever done that.

Oh yeah, i got a fridge.

I gave my neighbor a beer to help me move it up stairs. I gave him a beer todaytoo. i think this must be a trend.

I am sitting on my new bed. Oh yeah, i got a bed. It was kind of a sketchy place. It was this warehouse, with all of these beds with funky fabric. It was weird but i got a good price. so. i aint askin any questions.

I am sorry this post is jumping around. I am listening to This American Life, which is one of the best of radio shows in the world. Ok so i am going to stop writing now. I will fill you in on the rest later. I am going to continue listening ot the radio. it is good.
good night, and good luck.

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