Sunday, December 31, 2006

deloris the trooper

deloris is a real trooper. I went to jonate and mary lynn 's wedding yesterday, but it was closer to my mississippi home than my alabama home. So, i had to bring deloris. I also had to bring all of my stuff for my place back. Well, i left a little place for her to sit, where she could lay down, and put her head out the window and so on, well she hopped up on the tables i had in my car, and rode almost the entire way that way. silly girl. She was in the car from 11 am to about 8 pm with a few quick potty breaks. what a good girl she was, and i promised her a good walk when we got home, but it was raining, and i dont mean a little drizzle, i mean it was pouring, and lightening, and all. So, i took her out a few times, but i felt a bit bad cause she did not get to enjoy much of the day. Poor deloris.
anyway, here are some pictures of deloris, and i along with all of my stuff, all packed into the little versa. oh yeah, i need to say this. the Nissan versa completely rocks. It is tiny, but you can fit almost anything in there. i am shocked i got my two folding tables in there.

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