Tuesday, December 12, 2006

whimping out on Magnolia

Well, I have been living on magnolia in East Biloxi. The area was not so good, it is known for having a crack house on that street and other trouble like that. But i figured that i would be able to keep my nose down, and no one would bother me, and i would be able to live there.
But, sunday night, i woke up to my deloris barking loud, and looked out my door and saw a flash light pointed into my house, looking around. I think deloris scared who ever off, but it still really freaks me out.
So yesterday, i spent the day looking for a place to live, and i am going to the other extreme and moving to Ocean Springs. I found a place that is cheap for the gulf coast, in a good neighborhood and walking distance from the Walter Anderson Museum.. The community is really nice, and very dog friendly. They have art galleries, antique shops, coffee shops, and nice little restraunts. so it is a huge change from east biloxi.
The only thing is that, i feel like i am whimping out a bit and giving up on the neighborhood, that in every other way has welcomed me. I am a little upset that i dont feel safe there. I like my neighbors a lot and will miss having them around. Denise, my landlords lady , and i sat out side last night for a while and drank a few beers, and i will miss that. she is a riot. She is loud and spiritful. She let me into her garden and invited me to her cookouts, and introduced me to everyone she knew.
Renee and Frank are amazing too. they would stand out side and talk to me for a long time. we would drink beers, and have a good ole time. Frank would come over anytime i called if i got scared or thought i heard something. Frank works with the center, so i will see him pretty often. I work in east biloxi and will still be able to return to my old street that is located within a real neighborhood, but i am moving, and i hate that i feel i have too.
And i know this is nieve and overly optimistic sounding, but it is hard for me to believe, that there are places in this country that i really feel unsafe at. Places that are neighborhoods, and everyone knows everyone on the street, and people are always out side, places that jane jacobs would probably deem safe, are unsafe for me. I had a hope in the urban condition, that it would prevail, and really i am sure it will, but for me, i cannot live there and sleep well at the same time. so i am moving to the uber white and ultra rich community of ocean springs. Which, i dont mean to put down. It is a great community, i just feel i am whimping out and adding to the white flight of east biloxi. I am retreating from my place that i so wanted to work out, to go to the place that is easy.
So, i, Jessie Zenor, am whimping out. Sorry East Biloxi. Sorry Magnolia Street, Sorry Denise, Connell, Frank and Renee.
Sorry to Halley Berry, the Magnolia Street Porcupine Dog.

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