Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Momma's comin! and a nice integration of the coast/

Well, my Momma will be here in about 2 hours. I am excited. We are going to go to La Bakery when she gets here for a vietnamese poboy and a bubble tea.

Sunday night i went to see a band that was produced from hands on and the pub. It was Bicycle Ben, Will, and Cindy's boyfriend, whose name i cannot remember. Ben and Will both used to live at hands on. Ben used to make bicycles for the community and Will still does construction with Hands On. Cindy is one of the bartenders at the Pub, which is the bar next to Hands On.

picture from christine

Not only were they pretty good, and entertaining, but it was nice to see some of the people who come down here get integrated into the local society. They were not only just drinking at the pub, but they were playing for everyone at the pub, and with a local drummer at that. It was a happy moment. I am going to try to get them to play at Sweets soon.

Anyway, thats about all that has been going on. I am looking forward to spending the 4th at the beach with my mom. I have heard the evening on the beach in Biloxi on the 4th is like a friendly Normandy. Everyone shooting fireworks, sometimes at each other. Hopefully, Thursday, i will still have both of my eyes :)

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