Monday, July 30, 2007

I heart biloxi tshirt is out!!!!

So, this is the new zenorschnitzel tshirt. Fresh off of the presses.
The print on the front is a picture of a beautiful house in East Biloxi that was damaged by Katrina, and still stands abandoned.
The print on the back is an outline of Mississippi with a heart on Biloxi. It is subtle and nice, but it is a bit hard to see in the picture

These shirts are a bit more pricey than the others, but that is because $10 from every shirt is going to a special project in Biloxi that the folks in my office choose. These are projects that make people happy that volunteer groups probably wont do. For example: one of our clients, she has a new house but she has always wanted a white picket fence. So the folks from our office are going to use this money to but the materials for the fence and then go out and build it. i will post online what projects we do so everyone who buys one will see where their money went. I will post that website soon.

these are available at my etsy store!

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