Monday, August 03, 2009

New Gym, and Lasagna Tart

So, I have finally joined a gym. I have been reluctant to do so, because I live in such a beautiful place, that I should be able to get my exercise out side. I still can but now I can add weights into my routine. Plus, It is only $10 a month and it is right down my street. So, tonight was my first night going, and it was a little weird. The gym wasnt. It was nice... but as I walked in and out of the building, I had to go by a big ole table of pizza. They had boxes upon boxes of free pizza. now please let me know if this is not weird to you. It took all I had to not eat it. I hope that isnt how it is every night.

Instead of pizza, I had some extra zucchini in my fridge that needed to be eaten soon, and my momma bought me a tart pan so the Lasagna Tart seemed like an obvious choice when I came across it. I did have to buy a lemon and some ricotta, but everything else I had in my kitchen.
Here is the Recipe. It took a little longer than what I had expected, but it was well worth the work.

I substituted regular ricotta for fat free ricotta, and I am sure the regular would have made the dinner more rich and creamy, but it was still great with the fat free. Also, the fat free was about $1 cheaper than the regular ricotta.

I also had some fresh basil in my fridge that was on its way out, so I threw it in as well, and it was a good move.

I should say that lemon in the crust was well worth it. If you make this, do not skimp on the lemon zest! It complements the tomato and zucchini so well.

I highly recommend this. With the fat free ricotta, and the whole wheat crust, it is a tart to not feel guilty about, and it was soooooo super good! Good thing I liked it. I will be eating it for a few meals in the coming days.

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