Thursday, August 27, 2009

A productive and quiet week so far.

I woke up early today to sketch a bit for a project I am working on. Lucky me, I chose a morning when the storms are brewing. The rain is heavy, and the thunder is rumbling. It is so relaxing and has been very helpful in getting my head in the right place to work. I whipped out 12 sketches, and I figured I should make an update on what I have been up to for the last few days.

Starting monday, my week has been really productive, focusing a lot of my energy on my garden, my home and my work. At work, it seems like many of my projects are either wrapping up or gearing up. I have wrapped up two projects for the most part in the last few days. That has been really nice. I cant really speak too much about those projects, but maybe in time I can share them. I am also working on some of the marketing material for the office, and I have made a bit of progress on that this week, and hope to make some more serious progress throughout the week.

In addition to those projects, the new GCCDS website, something I have been working on for quite a while, will be launched soon. I cannot wait. I will be devoting a lot of this week and next to that effort. I am so ready to have that moving in the path it is right now.

On Monday, I finished laying out my garden, and since then, have been adding more plants, and starting the seeds for the new ones. Gardening is something that makes me so happy. I wish I had the money to really go all out, but it is fun to make do with what I have as well. It also becomes more of an extended project in this way, and not something that I spend a week on then just watch it grow. This way, I get to play in the dirt every few days, and get to have a garden that is growing in many different stages. Oh, I love just thinking about what I am going to do next to my little plot, and think of the nice drink it is getting from this morning storm.

All in all it has been a pretty relaxing beginning of the week. I went out on Tuesday night to play trivia at the Grocery, but only a few folks from our usual team were able to show up, so we decided not to play, and that only added to the relaxing week. I plan on keeping up the relaxing week. Although the activities memorializing the anniversary of Katrina might stir up the end of my week. And maybe I will go on a few adventures, but I would not mind keeping it low key for a little while. I have been going wide open for a while now.

Well, that is about it for now. I am going to go sit on my back porch and read until it is time to go to work.

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