Tuesday, August 18, 2009

no tart tonight

I had planned on making a variation on that lasagna tart I made the other day, but it didnt happen, and I am sure for the best. My friend was supposed to come over and eat with me tonight, but we both have a bunch of stuff that we need to get done around our respective houses, and so we are going to eat the tart another night.

When I got home, I cleaned the kitchen from lunch, and went to the gym for a quick work out. Then I got to makin supper. My head must have been somewhere else, because I had a few mishaps. First, I put the garlic and onions in the olive oil and stated sauteing, but then, for some reason I put the tomatoes in before the onions had even begun to turn translucent. I sucked it up, and went on, adding the oregano, basil, bay leaves, sherry, a little spinach, and a sweet banana pepper that I picked up from the farmers market. I threw in a little sea salt, a little black pepper, topped the pan with a lid, and hoped for the best.

Some times when I make sauces like this, they are not the best thing that I have ever put in my mouth. And, because I didnt even give the onions a chance to cook, I was afraid they were going to be a bit strong.

Before I tell you how the sauce was, I have a side note. I went out side to see this turtle my roommate found, and my eye began to itch, so I rubbed it. Well, apparently I had not washed off my hands enough from that sweet banana pepper, which was not only sweet, but also pretty spicy. Well, I am sure you can guess what happened. It burned like the dickens, but then... it cooled down a little, and it wasnt that bad. It was almost enjoyable. I mean this by really exaggerating the word ALMOST. But it kind of reminded me of two similar feelings that I love. First is putting that alcohol stuff in your ears after you swim. The second is when you get too big of a bite of wasabi, and it burns up your nose. Well it was kind of like that. I am not going to say that from now on, when I am cutting fresh peppers, that I am going to stick my finger in my eye, because that would just be stupid. It hurts too bad. But I will KIND OF look forward to the next time it happens with a not so hot pepper.

Now onto the sauce. It turned out pretty well served on some vermaccelli, topped with some fresh parmesan. I would even serve it to my friends. The onions were not overwhelming, although I am sure it would have been better had they had a chance to brown a little bit.

Alright, off to do a little laundry, and watch a movie, and hopefully go play some trivia with my friends. Good night!

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