Friday, August 14, 2009

A new health and a very pleasent evening.

After about four solid days in bed, I feel great. My brain is working and my throat only now tingles, and I have the energy I should.

Yesterday was my first full day back at work, and I was pretty productive. I went to a pleasant meeting, that regards fun work. I have things ready for the follow up meeting. I cleaned up a layout that is ready for input of the final layout, and I worked to finish up a development review (and began creating a template for that document in InDesign which will make it easier for all of us to use in the future reviews)

When I left work, I had a mission. I had received an amazing coupon for the Gap Outlet, and needed to go before it was expired, and did not feel like it until last night. I got many much needed replacements for my tank top collection and a new pair of jeans!

When I got home, I made a bowl of left over Cincinnati Chili. If you are unfamiliar with Cincinnati Chili, you should quickly familiarize your self with it. IT IS AMAZING. Look here for more information. I have been eating it for the last few days. My friend James, originally from that part of Ohio, has several cans on hand at all times, and brought some over for dinner the other night. What a nice man he is to share some of that glory with me.

After filling my belly a little, I went out side, and cleaned my car. I vacuumed it and wiped everything down. Oh, how nice it is to have a clean car.

At the end of the evening I settled down with a High Life Lite, the book Lucky You by Carl Hiaason, and my cell phone, out on the screened porch. I talked with my best friend for an hour, then finished the book. The entire time i had my foot on my dogs belly.

It was both a productive evening, and one that I spent having me time. It was much needed. I know I have spent a lot of me time in the past few days, but I wasnt feeling well enough to enjoy it.

Oh how good it feels to feel good again!

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Dafullclip said...

I read that book as well a long time ago. It's pretty funny. Oh and did I mention that I think that your blog is cool and that you can rest your foot on MY belly anytime!? Keep rocking!