Friday, January 26, 2007

the boys and girls club in need of some love

I am beginning to work on one of the girls and boys clubs down here. Christine, one of my coworkers, and I went to visit the after school program yesterday, and we were pretty astounded at how the place is being used. Before the hurricane, the center had two buildings to offer a place for their students. A tree landed on the building where the older kids , a group comprised of students ranging in ages from 12-18, spent their afternoon. The building is unsafe and uninhabitable. All students, through kindergarden to 12th grade, now fill a little concrete block building that used to be a day care center I believe. Because it has rained a lot, the students couldnt really play out side due to the puddles in the play yard. They havnt been able to play for over a week at the boys and girls club because of the rain and cold. Think of the trouble the staff must be having keeping the kids somewhat calm. They are lacking storage, and space for the programs they need, and to meet the energy levels of the childeren. The directors have high hopes for the programs they want to offer the kids, but just dont have the space to do it. Oh, i hope this project gets funding. It really needs it. The boys and girls club is a great program, and this needs to be one too.

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